Lighting Technology

The increasingly intense development of light sources with the consequent creation of an extremely wide range of lighting fixtures have turned a marginal component of the project into a completely autonomous discipline faced by specialists.

Lighting is a discipline that studies and designs the lighting of both external and internal places, both public and private ones, using innovative products, combining technique and design and adapting to any context:

  • light for living, creating comfortable environments providing technical lighting fixtures for basic general lighting integrated into the architecture and design lighting elements that enrich the rooms causing amazement;
  • light for working, seeking solutions to adapt the lighting of the work space to natural external light, respecting the circadian cycle of each person;
  • light to display, enhancing colours, finishes, fabrics, foods, reflections and materials, using high quality optics;
  • light to excite, creating chiaroscuro, shadows and lights, drawing lines, shapes and luminous cuts, enhancing works and architectural places and creating suggestions.