The relationship with the client is based on respect and trust. These are the steps to be followed:

  • Consultancy, a preliminary meeting to get to know the customer and his needs, but also the architectural environment, to suggest a preliminary idea by thinking about the types of lighting fixtures, tastes and the type of furniture.
  • Inspection, a fundamental moment in which the foundations for a proper lighting design are laid, listening carefully to the specific needs and verifying the technical characteristics of the place. Any small inattention during the inspection can cause misunderstandings in the subsequent phases. This is why we take care of every little detail in this moment.
  • Design, lighting proposal that derives from both a stylistic and technical choice that combines taste, needs, attention to place, compliance with regulations.
  • Starting from the technical drawings, we develop a three-dimensional model that realistically recreates the environments, considering furniture and finishing too. The lighting calculations will allow to verify the luminous effect of the chosen products and the compliance with the regulations about illuminance and glare.
  • Supply and assistance, the relation with the client is constantly carried out not only throughout the whole project in order to meet his needs and design studios and better integrate lighting to architecture but also after supply, for the installation of the lighting fixtures on site.
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