We will provide you the lighting of the future. Home automation applied to lighting provides intelligent technologies capable of surprising and improving the quality of our life. This technology provides  personalized scenarios meeting any lighting requirement and at the same time ensuring a reduction in consumption.

This is the ability to remotely manage the lights inside one or more places via digital protocol, for example DALI; in this way it is possible to check:

  • the switching on and off of a lamp or several groups of lights, creating scenarios based on specific lighting needs,
  • the light intensity emitted through dimming, also regulating the outgoing light flow through the use of an app,
  • dynamic white, which allows the colour temperature of the lamps to be adjusted according to the time of day, simulating the natural light of the day and thus stabilizing the users’ biological cycle,
  • the state of efficiency of the batteries in an emergency system,
  • light regulation through presence and brightness sensors.